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22-channel Digital Mixer with 16 Mic Preamps, 9 Motorized Faders, 9" Touchscreen, 18-in/18-out USB Audio Interface, 16-in/16-out Dante Interface, 2-in/2-out USB Recording, DAW Control, and DSP

Yamaha DM3 with Dante

SKU: 364215376135191
  • he Yamaha DM3-D is a 22-channel digital mixer with capabilities that far exceed the confines of its ultra-compact size. Although the DM3-D is jam-packed with cutting-edge features, it's a breeze to navigate thanks to its best-in-class, 9-inch touchscreen and single all-purpose touch-and-turn knob. You get crystal-clear 96kHz audio, which is bolstered by 16 excellent-sounding mic preamps and eight analog outputs. Yamaha has long been renowned for their digital effects, going way back to their '80s-era REV and SPX processors, and the DM3-D reflects that storied heritage. You'll also benefit from multiple recording and streaming options, including an 18 x 18 USB interface, 16 x 16 Dante interface, and 2 x 2 recording directly to a USB drive. A DAW remote mode with transport control and custom control via OSC, USB-MIDI, and ProVisionaire round out the DM3-D's extensive feature set. Want a subcompact, Dante-equipped digital mixer with zero sacrifices or compromises? If so, the solution is simple: the Yamaha DM3-D.

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